new EP "The Oracle"

out now



An Iowa-native now living in Brooklyn, singer-songwriter John William Watkins has been writing songs since he came out at 22.  Over the last 20 years, with a confessional quirk, Watkins has continued to scratch out his life into songs about sex, love, crystal, HIV, death, self-loathing and animals.  In 2019, he released "The Oracle" recorded at Rift Studios in Williamsburg; co-produced with himself (vocals/ukulele/guitar), Chris Van Voorst Van Beest (bass), Evan Schwam (flute/sax) and Tom Gardner (engineer).


"Watkins has mastered the art of expressing human emotions in a way that keeps them relevant to anyone with heart, while remaining true to his specific experience. This is not the moon, or June romanticism enshrined in 20th-century pop songs. Nor is it the hyper-hetero macho of rock. It’s something else: lovely and valuable."

-Kent Williams/Little Village

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